D. Paul Reillo and the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation are trying to save the planet, with the help of a few rock-star animals!


Food For Thought

There are countless ecosystems around this planet that are threatened by human activity such as pollution and deforestation. Do some research, choose one and select a plant or animal that best represents that ecosystem…the “flagship species”. Now it’s time to get creative! Your flagship species will be running for “president” of its ecosystem. Your job is to design a “political campaign” for your flagship species. Come up with a catchy slogan and create a poster. Finally, write a speech about why your ecosystem is so great, what are the problems it is facing, what can be done about those problems and why your flagship species is the best candidate for the job.

Learn more about the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, the many exciting programs they are working on and how you can help out!