CONSTRICTED: Florida’s Exotic Invaders

South Florida’s subtropical climate makes it a comfortable place to settle down, and not just for us humans.



Food for Thought

Amazingly, some species that become invasive in one area can be rare or endangered in their native range. A good example is the Burmese Python. In the Everglades, they are taking over while in South Asia where they belong, they are disappearing. Biologists in Florida who are working to understand the invasive Burmese pythons here have learned a lot about their behavior and biology. Ironically, what they are learning in South Florida in order to figure out how to get rid of them here, may help conservationists save them in their native range.

While many of our invasive species, like the Burmese python arrived here on purpose via the pet trade, many other invasive species come here accidentally. Do some research to figure out how other invasive species in the U. S. got here as accidental hitch-hikers.