Teacher Resources

The resources below are designed to complement the Encounters in Excellence film series. Download our Teacher’s Guides or our Power Point lessons to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. Feel free to copy and distribute these files, just make sure to give us credit!

Teacher’s Guide

This supplement will help support many of the topics highlighted in the presentation film Rainforests of the Maya.

Rainforests of the Maya

The “Follow Along Quiz” below can be used by students during presentations of Rainforests of the Maya.

Rainforests of the Maya Follow along quiz


Many of these illustrated Power Point lessons also complement topics covered in our current presentation film, Rainforests of the Maya. Use them along-side our film and supplemental Teacher’s Guide, or individually to target specific science objectives.

Coral Reefs Mangroves Life Cycle of the Red Mangrove Seagrasses Adaptation Aquifers and the Geology of Florida’s Springs The Food Web And Food Pyramid Manatees Metamorphosis Properties of Water Dry Season in the Everglades Everglades Habitats Everglades in Peril American Alligator: Apex Predator American Alligator: Reproduction Everglades Food-webs Everglades: River of Grass