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Shark Adventures: Tagging Along

3/4/12  At 6:30 on a Saturday morning most people are enjoying their weekend slumber. I’m chugging coffee, blasting NPR, and clicking my way down US1 towards Islamorada. This time, skimping on sleep is an enthusiastic compromise. Today I’m embarking on a real adventure.  7:45 am.   Mile marker 85 appears. I turn towards the bay side […]

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As a wildlife filmmaker, two of my great passions are constantly colliding. Nature and art are, respectively, my subject matter and my craft. As far as I know the following statement hasn’t been scientifically proven, but my gut tells me this is true: a deep appreciation for nature requires a deep appreciation for art. I […]

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This video explores the amorous habits and life-cycle of the American Alligator. Who knew this cold blooded beast had such a soft side!

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A tangled mangrove forest might not be that attractive to your typical beach goer, but they’re pretty darn important. These highly specialized trees perform many functions that we take for granted….or probably don’t even realize!

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protectors of the coast.10

Into the Mangal

When we think of South Florida, even those of us who grew up here, I bet this is what we usually picture: the postcard snap-shot of an arching coconut palm framed by a rosy sunset on a wide, sandy beach. Sorry dude, you got the wrong picture. First of all, that arching coconut palm that […]

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Filmmakers Richard C. and Richard S. Kern explore the history, habitat and behavior of the lovable West Indian manatee

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Oak roots


  Shakespeare famously said (in my own words…. I hope I’m not butchering it), life’s a stage, and we’re just playing out our role.” He was a smart guy. I like that analogy. Life’s like one big drama…one big movie. And if you think about it, it’s almost like we go through life accompanied by […]

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Gator predator2


Filmmakers Richard C. and Richard S. Kern explore the predatory habits of the American Alligator. Impressive footage featured includes up close and personal shots of a 10′ alligator underwater, as well as a night-feeding scene.

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